Plan Bee Coming January 3rd

Praise from Romantic Times Book Reviews ~ "A very funny and entertaining mystery that will have readers laughing until the very end."

And Feathered Quill Book Reviews ~ "Everyone is simply going to go buzz-erk over the marvelously quirky cast of characters in this fabulously funny series."

Moraine’s annual Harmony Festival is anything but harmonious for Story Fischer. She’s lost this year’s Honey Queen crown to the town’s biggest shoplifter, her domineering mother wants Story’s beehive banned from The Wild Clover festival booth, and a visiting twelve-year-old genius is wreaking havoc with his explosive science experiments…

Then Story stumbles upon a dead body in the cemetery, only to have it disappear—and then reappear during the festival parade. When her mother begins dating the prime suspect and the young scientist goes missing, Story is determined to get to the bottom of this murder. It’s up to her to make a beeline for the truth before everything in Moraine blows sky high.

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