Questions I get the most and some answers:

Q: Where do you get your ideas?
A: Good questions and the honest answer is - from real life. Nothing I could make up would ever be more weird or interesting. I read everything and listen in on conversations and the stories come.

Q: Do you use real places?
A: Sometimes. Sometimes not. In the backwoods series, Stonely is based loosely on Rock, Michigan. Using a real town, especially if it's small, can be tricky. The residents expect consistency in setting and see themselves in every character.

Q: You landed two contracts for three books each at exactly the same time. Right?
A: Yup. I had two ideas floating around the publishing world and they both hit at the same time. I was an unpublished, inexperienced writer. Let me tell you, I learned to pick up the pace.

Q: Do I have to read your books in order?
A: No, read them in any order you want. I planned each one to stand alone. But if you insist, here they are in order, starting with the first:

Gertie's Backwoods Adventures - Murder Passes the Buck, Murder Grins and Bears It, Murder Talks Turkey (and don't forget my cookbook - Cooking Can Be Murder).

The Dolls To Die For series - Dolled Up For Murder, Goodbye Dolly, Dolly Departed, Guise & Dolls (formerly titled Ding Dong Dead)

Q: Who is this Hannah Reed person?
A: She's me! Only younger and smarter. Look for her, er..my...Queen Bee mysteries -  Buzz Off, Mind Your Own Beeswax, and book 3 in 2012.

Q: When are you going to write another Gertie Johnson backwoods adventure? Another of the Dolls To Die For?
A: I'm writing another Gertie book right now, called Murder Bites the Bullet. Hannah Reed is contracted for four beekeeping mysteries, so those will go for awhile. The Dolls To Die For series has been completed.

Q: Are your books available as ebooks?
A: Yes, all of them are. You can find all the links on my book page.

Q: Your backwoods series is set during hunting seasons. Do you kill animals in your books?
A: I use deer, bear, and turkey hunting seasons but would never, ever kill any animal in a story or any other way. I love nature and all its creatures. However, I do kill many people. No one seems to mind.