Printable Booklist

Gertie Johnson Mystery Series
  1. Murder Passes the Buck
  2. Murder Grins and Bears It
  3. Murder Talks Turkey
  4. Murder Bites the Bullet
  5. Murder Begins at Home
  6. Murder Goes to the Dogs
  1. Murder Trims the Tree - a Christmas short
  2. Murder Comes in Threes - Murder Bites the Bullet, Murder Begins at Home, and Murder Trims the Tree - all wrapped up in one
  3. Cooking Can Be Murder - 100 backwoods recipe
  4. Murder Decks the Halls - a Short Christmas story  

Dolls to Die For (ebooks only)

  1. Dolled Up For Murder
  2. Goodbye Dolly
  3. Dolly Departed
  4. Guise and Dolls 
Queen Bee Mystery Series (as Hannah Reed) 
  1. Buzz Off
  2. Mind Your Own Beeswax
  3. Plan Bee
  4. Beeline to Trouble
  5. Beewitched

Scottish Highland Mystery Series (as Hannah Reed)
  1. Off Kilter
  2. Hooked on Ewe
  3. Dressed to Kilt